1. sin título by killacamera on Flickr.

  2. night light by Hobe4 on Flickr.


  5. aim-for-the-apex said: hey do you have any more pics of gunships or transport like the littlebirds, apaches, cobras, chinooks, etc? or do you have them compiled anywhere?

    Hello, all the images i post here are from people who post them in Flickr. Tailrotor is only a compilation of photos that i like it.

  6. Lynx mk7  by markconnell on Flickr.

  8. The Weymouth & Portland Coastguard by Laura_AV_Day on Flickr.

    What a site for the visitors of the Weymouth Sealife tower yesterday, as the local coastguard do their beach fly over.

    We are currently fighting the government to keep our coastguard.!

    Please Sign! - epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/36619

  9. Na 328 by aminah51 on Flickr.